Currently studying free-to-play mobile games

Hi friends, fans & family!

I am currently looking at different games for different genres in order to really study what people play on mobile and what the highly successful games do that sets them apart… It is interesting to say the least, partly because gameplay is so different from the games that I play on a regular basis but also because in-app purchases and monetisation for mobile is a whole science in itself. I will post something soon regarding my general thoughts on the subject… Stay tuned.

// Luis

“Rogue Knight: Infested Lands” Update 1.15 out now!

Hi friends, fans & family!

We have just release the latest “Rogue Knight: Infested Lands” update, version 1.15.

You can get it here:

In this version we have added the following:
– Save mechanism has been improved.
– Ability to record and share gameplay has been added in the game menu
– “Are you sure you want to quit?” dialogue added
– Zogorath now gives a hefty amount of bonus points to distinguish those that have actually finished the game on the leaderboards
Thank you for playing and keep an eye out for upcoming updates! We will be adding lots of cool stuff in the near future…


First blog post

Hi friends, fans & family!

We will be posting stuff here to keep you updated on what we´re currently doing. Sometimes it will be about upcoming updates or upcoming games, other times we might post a tutorial on a particular subject or just post something else related to game development.

We hope you´ll enjoy it!