Hi friends, fans and family!

Sorry for not posting for long but I have been working hard on the game and posts have slipped down in priority order. I will be changing the format of these posts to make them easier to write and less “wordy”. I will try to focus on more visuals and just show a short log of my progress and the road map for where I’m going next. Let’s begin!


  • Finished the first phase of the tutorial
  • Hired a pixel artist to create portraits for enemies and heroes
  • Updated the UI with new fonts
  • Added a “kill cam” that can zoom and add slow motion occasionally for spectacular finishes. Gif below shows all of this in detail:

Current goal:

  • Finish v0.1 of the demo
  • Send out demo to newsletter subscribers

Very doubtful if I actually manage to do this before March is over but I will try. It is crucial that I get this into the hands of YOU, the players, before I get too wrapped up in my own head :D.

See you soon and thanks for reading! // Luis

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