Hi friends, fans and family!

Tough times right now with lots going on at home, on the day job and the shift to colder and darker periods of the year. I can very clearly feel a dip in my current energy levels and might have to slow down a bit for a while to regroup. But before I do that I’m gonna quickly let you know what I’ve been up to! Here goes:

Changed tile size

I’ve been working on art that’s 32×32 pixels “big” and noticed that I don’t make proper use of the space so I’ve decided to shrink my graphics to 24×24. This lets me work faster since I’m drawing fewer pixels and has the added benefit of making everything “tighter” and there’s less empty terrain everywhere. Another thing I’ve done is to offset the characters a bit to give the illusion of depth!

Resolution change

With the tile change comes a change in resolution. My reference resolution (the resolution you scale up from when working with pixel art) was 640×360 but is now smaller and I’ve coded stuff to make it dynamic. Height is between 220-270px and width adjusts accordingly since pixelart needs to upscaled evenly. So if I have 1920×1080 resolution on a monitor and the script calculated 270×4 for the height, it’s gonna divide 1920 / 4 which results in 480. The key point here is that it fits the entire screen and looks good on all resolutions 🥳.

Game loop

I still haven’t finished the level up screen but working on it revealed some other areas that needed work and it forced me make sure that I can save/load the heroes to move between levels and scenes. After tweaking some code and fixing bugs I now finally have a game loop! 

My upcoming weeks will mostly be about fixing the UI since now the size of everything has changed.

Til next time! //Luis

2 thoughts on “Resolution changes

  1. The sprites off the characters are looking awesome great work on the tiles can’t wait to see more off the UI it’s look fantastic atm. Great to see updates off the project can’t wait for the next update.

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