Hi friends, fans and family!

Hope everyone is doing well. It’s time to show you guys what I’ve been doing lately so let’s show off those gifs:

Tutorial Videos

I’ve added videos to the UI to clarify how skills work. Previously those where only shown on the level up screen but now I have them in place when you’re about to use skills as well. I will also be adding general videos for explaining game mechanics etc. It was a bit tricky to set up since you can choose between selecting local videos or URLs (both local and web) but the local ones broke when building for the Mac. Using a file url path instead solved it. Here are a bunch of skills for the heroes in the UI:

Skill polish

I previously had no graphics in place for the Rogue’s “Cloak” skill nor the wizards “Ice Blast” so I’ve added some effects to make them look better. Here’s the “Cloak” skill together with the “Serial Killer” showing the mayhem that the Rogue can cause in certain conditions:

Here’s the “Ice Blast”:

Defense and flanking mechanics

I tweaked the defense/flanking mechanics in order to make positioning more important. Depending on how enemies and heroes are placed on the map this affects how much damage they receive and how much pain they dish out.

The mechanics work in the following way:

If a unit has more allies in adjacent tiles than enemies, they receive a +1 to their defense, lowering all damage from incoming attacks with 1. If a unit has more enemies than allies surrounding them, they instead get a -1 to their defense, increasing all possible damage to them. If the amount of units is equal, there is no modifier to a unit’s defense. Here’s a video showing how incoming damage changes when units move around:

EARLY DEMO will be postponed

I have decided to move the public early demo to Q1 2021 instead of rushing like a madman to finish stuff before I go on a long christmas vacation. The reason being that there are a lot of things that can go wrong and I might not be able to have time to fix things. The demo will be an early version and as such will have bugs, will be unbalanced etc etc but I don’t want to burn my bridges by making a bad first impression. The players must enjoy the game at some level or my demo will hurt me more than help me. For those of you who want to ensure that you are the first to try it out: make sure to subscribe to the newsletter since they are the first to hear about news (and secrets ;)):



Name reveal

I will be revealing the name of the game next week (although the logo is not ready) and create a simple first webpage for it to start building traffic. If you’re eager to find out what the name is and don’t want to wait until next week… subscribe to the newsletter :D.

Other stuff

As usual I’ve doing a lot of other stuff: fixing bugs, refactoring etc but that really isn’t that interesting compare to the gifs right? Not much to say there.

See you guys in a couple of weeks and thanks a million for reading!

// Luis

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