Made great progress this week apart from on Sunday where I experimented with stuff that I ended up throwing away…

New functionality: 

  • Added functionality for terrain bonuses and penalties. Hills increase ranged attack distance and damage for example while forests give a defence bonus.
  • Archer can no longer fire on a unit adjacent to it. It is now basically an artillery attack
  • Added a turn label to indicate whether it’s the player or the AI’s turn
  • Hovering over a player unit now shows exactly how much damage it will take when the enemies attack 
  • Added a new symbol that shows that an enemy will move (I don’t indicate where) but that I won’t attack anyone
  • Added mountains. Mountains block paths just like water but also block some types of ranged attacks. Not “artillery” attacks (arrows etc). 
  • Implemented a move indicator. It shows whether the unit has moved but not performed an action, if the turn is completely over or if it hasn’t done anything yet. 
  • Added an END TURN shortcut key


  • Fixed some annoying pathfinding AI bugs where units would stand on top of each other in certain situations
  • Removed a crash on the swingmeter and fixed erroneous damage calculation when the Rogue unit attacked while cloaked
  • Made sure that inputs don’t register when animations are running 

Here’s the weekly gif 🙂


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