Less productive than usual and only got 4 out of 7 days done (wife was sick) but I got some work done on a really cool new mechanic 🙂 

  • Added some panels to the UI to get a feel for the size of the map and the screen and increased the map a bit as a result
  • Fixed some issues with the damage number labels that appear when attacking. They were not following the characters correctly among other things
  • Added a ”swingmeter”. When the player attacks a meter appears which forces you to use  your reactions to maximize damage. Stop the swing in the big yellow zone and the attack does “normal” damage. Stop it in the red zone for “critical” damage. However, aiming for the red zone is risky since missing causes you to do LESS damage than normal. It gives the game a nice “Mario RPG” feel 🙂
  • Made sure that the rogue does more damage when attacking when cloaked

Here’s a gif of the first iteration of the swing meterswingmeter

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