HI friends, fans and family!

In order to keep you all in the loop and tell you what’s going on with the new game I’ve decided to put up short weekly reports on what I’ve been doing. They won’t be super technical nor extremely detailed (makes it easier for me to actually write them :D) but will hopefully give an idea of where the game is and where it’s heading.


  • Changed layout of the game. The playing area will be in the centre and have two UI panels on each side of it. The panels will hold the buttons for special skills, objectives for the current map, unit and tile information etc.  Support for all 16:9 resolutions. Full HD (1920×1080), Nintendo Switch portable resolution…
  • Added unit subclasses. Started specialising the units a bit by giving them special abilities. The Rogue has a cloak ability that lets him/her disappear which make enemies focus elsewhere. If the Rogue attacks while cloaked the attack will do much more damage but the cloak will be lost and put into cool down. The Knight/Paladin has a guard ability that lowers the incoming damage that turn which can be used to bait enemies into attacking the Knight while others attack them from range for example. 
  • Set a foundation for different abilities by adding cool downs and durations and just making them easier to work with.
  • Added handling of multiple abilities. Each unit can now have multiple abilities as well as their “basic attack”. 
  • Simple bug fixes and cosmetic tweaks. Changing the facing of damage labels for etc…

Here’s a gif from the game:


See you next week!

// Luis

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