Hi fans, friends and family!

In my last post I mentioned that work has started on a new game and then I left you with a cliffhanger. This was more due to the fact that the game is in the very early stages of development and there’s not much to say yet, than an attempt to trick your mind into getting hooked and eager to come back for more :D.

How the project was chosen

I had three important criteria that I wanted to meet before I took on any new game project:

  • It should be a project that I’m confident that I can pull off technically. Something that caters to my strengths.
  • It should be a game that I would like to play. A game for me.
  • It should be something fun to design which for me means intricate little rules and systems.

Considering all these things and the fact that I’m working with a new tool (Unity) that lets me release the game on various platforms, I have chosen to once again make a turnbased game :). My reasoning being that the risks of using a new tool will be somewhat mitigated by my previous experience with implementing games in this genre.


The main difference this time gameplay wise is that you will control more than one character. Another feature will be some form of management of these characters outside of combat, though time will tell how expansive that part will be as it depends on how much effort we can reasonably put in before growing tired of the whole ordeal :P. Those are the only two things so far that are set in stone. I have some general ideas that I want to try out that I’ll be prototyping for a while and I’ll post here every now and then to keep you updated…

For those of you that want more frequent updates the best way of “staying in the loop” for the moment is to follow on twitter: http://twitter.com/sinistersiamese or to check our facebook page that’s has a copy of the twitter feed. An email list will show up once the game has gotten some real traction.

Next time I’ll tell you a bit about the goals with this project and the general strategy to get the project over the finish line.


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