Hi fans, friends and family!

I haven’t written anything here for ages so I think it’s about time I correct that. While working on a few prototypes here and there I’ve made a couple of realizations which I thought I would share with you. 

I’m not in it for the money
The most important one was that I don’t actually work on these projects for money. After the release of “Rogue Knight: Infested Lands” I found myself feeling a bit disappointed which is strange considering we just released our first game which is a major achievement! I concluded that this had everything to do with the poor sales and the low download numbers and I got a bit obsessed by this. Not because I needed the money but because I was equaling sales to the quality of what we’ve made. This led to me thinking a lot more about the financial aspects of the next projects until I finally realized that this was a red herring. This is something I’ve had to remind myself of more than once. Why? Because it creates a lot of pressure to think in terms of “how will this make money?”. It leads to thoughts like: I should be putting in more work. More hours. I need more marketing. I must increase my follower count on Twitter.  I need to be featured on the website x and z wetc.

The truth is that I don’t have the available hours to be able to focus on all of these things and if I’m going to be able to enjoy this hobby I need to have realistic expectations. If I can only put it 2 hours per day at the most, how can I compete with games who have several team members that work constant overtime? Besides the fact that these things are simply impossible to do given my time they also suck the fun out of making games if I focus too much on them. I have to dial it down a bit and pay attention to the things that give me the most bang for the buck.

Find a project you’re really passionate about
I’ve dabbled with many prototypes since finishing “Rogue Knight: Infested Lands” and while I’ve had some initial enthusiasm, the fire always burned out rather quickly. The answer was easy: I was trying to make games for others but not FOR ME. I don’t play that much on mobile yet I make mobile games. I’m not fond of casual games that appeal to “everyone” yet I found myself thinking in these terms more than once (this was also affected by the “sales obsession” mentioned earlier). It’s fine to compromise and I’ll have to do it in many areas during development but I have to make something that I’m truly passionate about or the energy won’t last and I will become bored and uninspired rather quickly.

Go big or go home
In the end I don’t want to make small mobile games which means I got to take it up a notch. It doesn’t necessarily mean super advanced graphics or tons more hours invested but it does mean that the time of focusing only on iOS is no more. PC, Mac, Android here I come! Who knows, maybe I’ll even have something on consoles one day?

I’ve been learning Unity recently and have enough confidence to say that my current knowledge of C# and Unity is already at the required level to pull off what I want to do next which is…

I’ll let you know soon enough :). Thanks for reading!


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