Ran into a lot of problems this week that ate up a lot of time and I had to restructure and understand a lot of small things (that’s the price you pay when you “need” to work fast) so I didn’t get a whole lot done unfortunately but I did learn a lot about how Unity works.

New functionality: 

  • Implemented a new skill for the wizard that raises impassable ice mountains on the tiles adjacent to him. If there are units on those tiles they are frozen. This effectively protects him from incoming damage and can also be used to block of enemy paths to other units. Will probably modify it to be a ranged attack.
  • Implemented a “unit details window” where you can see the portrait, name and hit points of a unit. This will also show any status effects or injuries that the unit might have etc.
  • And also %€#/!. Better luck next week I guess 😛 



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