Hi friends, friends and family!

Some of you pointed out that I didn’t actually give out any “useful” information on the new game so I thought I would tell you now 🙂

You know that it’s a card game and you know that there are some angry looking men that look ready to punch someone in the face on the cards… So the game is about *drumroll*… punching people in the face! Yes, it’s a boxing game although not of the traditional, modern kind. No, this is old school. No padded gloves to soften the blows. No ring girls to distract you from the violence… Just a lot of punches. To the face. Oh, did I forget to mention that you get to punch people in the face?

The game is a two-player game in which you select cards representing punches of different kinds and defenses to block and counter your opponent. There will be at least two game modes: one where you play against the AI and one where you go head to head against a real person through multiplayer in game Center. If there is interest and time we also might implement a game mode where you can play the game on one single device through pass and play.

Stay tuned to find out more in the coming weeks!


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