Hi friends, friends and family!

The first week of coding has ended and I feel like I’ve managed to put in some solid work. I’m staying at home taking care of my daughter and I have been able to squeeze in 1 to 2 hours a day when she takes her long nap around lunchtime. 

This week has mostly been about setting up a structure for the project but I’ve also gotten my hands dirty writing some actual logic. 

The following things have been done:

  • Configured game Center for multiplayer match making
  • Created most of the card comparison logic
  • Wrote tests to verify the logic
  • Set up the different states that a game can end up in

Next week I’m going to try to finish all the transitions for the game state machine and depending on how much time I have, I might even make an attempt to finish a very rough version of the game that can be played entirely from the code. I won’t be doing anything on the graphical side of things yet since I want to make sure that the code that handles the logic and the code that handles the graphics is entirely separated. 

Keep checking in to see how we’re  doing!


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