Hi friends, fans & family! 

Hope you are all doing well! September is the month I was born and now I’m 40(!) which means I have to start speeding up development so I can get the game done before my daughters send me off to an old folks home! I’ve done A LOT in the past weeks and I can’t waste time so let’s gooooo!!! 

Night scenes, lighting, camping

I have been wanting to implement a camping system for the game since well… the actual beginning and I’ve had quite a strong vision for what that would be like. Problem is that it’s a lot of work but… I now have a skeleton in place! I have fiddled around with the lighting in Unity and started making night versions of my current tile sets. Making night versions of the tiles was pretty easy since I just took one of the finished tile sets and fiddled around with the color, saturation and lighting sliders. The lightning on the other hand was a bit more work but thanks to Youtube tutorials I fixed it. I also made some of my lazy trademarked (:D), 2 frame animations to breathe some life into the scene. What do you think? How the mechanics will work will be saved for later…

Dialogue system and actions

I’ve reworked the dialogues and moved them out of the mission json file that I had earlier. This will make it much easier to localise if I decide to do that in the future. It also keeps the files from becoming to messy. Besides that I refactored my mission structure and now have a much better system in place. The coolest part is that I can now send in different actions and tie them to the dialogue so I can for example have a line that says “Oh no! We’re being ambushed by psychotic, dolphins!” and write code that executes as soon as that line of dialogue has been clicked. The dolphins would then animate in to the scene for example. This lets me do some simple “cutscene” style stuff.

Skill tree layout

I did another pass on a possible layout for the skill trees. This part will require lots of work before it works properly but now it’s finally starting to look kinda good. At least I can start preparing for some cool screenshots for the Steam page. 

Wall tiles

I’m gonna have some castle stuff like in Fire Emblem so I started drawing some walls. They are now implemented and look like this:

Title screen cleanup

I’ve also been cleaning up the title screen and removing stray pixels etc. Here’s what the background for the upcoming menu screen will look like:

Upcoming stuff:

The goal right now continues to be getting that Steam page up and running. I’m gonna add one or two more enemies and then I’m gonna start working on that trailer so I can finally put up the page. The goal? To do it in October. Let’s see if we can make that happen! 

As always, a MASSIVE thank you for supporting the development of the game. I would never have gotten this far without other people interested in the game! 

// Luis

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