Hi friends, fans and family!

Last day of August and I really can’t keep putting off posting something 🤪. Maintaining a dev blog is not always easy cause unlike social media sometimes it feels like you’re just speaking into the void. Much fewer comments and interaction in general but the honest reason is because it requires more typing 😂

I’ve had a looong vacation this year and have worked a little less than usual but I’m getting back to speed in the last weeks of the month. Here’s what I’ve been doing:


My main focus right now is putting up the steam page (yes the demo has to wait for now 😬) and to do that I need decent screenshots and a somewhat good looking trailer. For that to happen some things need to look better. I’ve added some colored text to the swingmeter, some stars as a hit effect, push arrows for UI feedback and updated a bunch of skill icons in the UI among plenty of other things. Here are some gifs to show some of it

How to kill a spider
Skill icons and keyboard shortcuts


I’m aiming to have 8 playable characters and from the beginning I knew that I wanted a bard/troubadour/minstrel. I will not have all 8 in the demo and probably only mention them fleetingly in the marketing materials but having plenty of heroes to choose from is super important to me. I have a pretty solid idea of what this girl will be able to pull off in combat and although she’s distinctly a support unit, she has some quite powerful tricks up her sleeve. Any fun name suggestions?


I don’t want to bore you with the details but as usual there’s been a hefty amount of bug fixing going on. AI, selection and a bunch of other stuff. I’ve also changed big pieces of code to make them more flexible and easy to work with since some parts will be touched more often than others.


As I mentioned earlier the no. 1 thing right now is the Steam Page. Why? Because it’s important to have it up early to start gathering wishlists. Wishlists are pretty much the only somewhat reliable way of doing a forecast of how well you’re game will sell. The way it works is that everyone that wishlists the game gets updated when the game is released and when it’s on sale so it drives quite a lot sales. Another thing is that when you reach certain thresholds the game gets even more visibility on the platform which drives even more sales. In other words: wishlists are important.

I would be so happy if in September I can say that the page is up but before this year is over might be more realistic. Either way, the sooner, the better.

Thanks for reading 🙏// Luis

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