Hi friends, fans & family!

Core loop 

The last couple of weeks I have been focused on tying the core loop together. The various game parts are still in an unfinished state and need more love. Right now I need to tie all the different screens together to get a proper flow going. The core loop will probably go something like this:

  • Select a story mission or “random” mission
  • Select which heroes go on the mission and equip them, select new skills, level up etc
  • Play mission
  • Get loot, rewards and XP
  • Go to camp to rest, get to know the heroes etc
  • Rinse and repeat

Hero selection

The part I’m focusing on right now is the “Select Heroes Screen” which means I’m adding new heroes among other things.

There will be a total of 8 unique heroes to choose from and which heroes you pick will depend on a lot of factors like for example:

What are the conditions for the mission? How many heroes can you send? Is every hero available? Are there any heroes that need extra XP? What is your play style?

I’m taking care to make sure that the player has an incentive to rotate their squad but I don’t want to do it in a heavy handed way. I’d like to make the player WANT to rotate their squad without them HAVING to which is not the easiest of things and time will tell how well I succeed with that…

Apart from this I’ve been rewriting and fixing A LOT of code since I’m getting very close to the part where I will be adding content like crazy and the parts of the code where I will mess around the most need to be in top shape so they’re easy to change and maintain.

// Luis

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