An upcoming turn based tactical RPG with timing mechanics where the enemies show their moves in advance. Aiming to launch on PC, Mac, consoles and mobile.

“Picture Into the Breach, Fire Emblem and Paper Mario having a threesome with XCOM sitting next to the bed with a camera”

Luis Regueira (creator and only player at time of writing)


  • Fast paced turn based combat. No need to go and make coffee while waiting for excruciatingly slow animations to complete
  • Peek into the future. Enemies clearly show their plans and change them as you make your moves so you don’t have to waste actions based on crazy guesses and hearsay.
  • Use the environment. Push enemies into the water, freeze water to create bridges, stand on hills to extend the range of your projectile attacks or set grass on fire and enjoy watching the world burn.
  • Timing based attacks. Dice rolls can be fun but missing that 99% shot can feel worse than a kick in the family jewels. Better to do guaranteed damage that depends on skill instead!
  • Classic 2D perspective and old school pixel art. Grandparents generally can’t handle rotating cameras nor fancy “3D” graphics so I made a game that works for them too!
  • Conversations between characters. Few things are more satisfying than eavesdropping on others as they share embarrassing secrets about their private life.
  • A story full of idiots and stupid jokes. Who said that saving the world needs to be boring, dark and dull?

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